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Testovi iz engleskog jezika

Uradi test iz engleskog jezika. Testiraj znanje i proveri koliko dobro poznaješ oblast engleski jezik. Test znanja sadrži 15 pitanja.

1. I ______ walk home last night. There were no buses.

2. Could you give me ___ about sightseeing in Dublin?

3. The situation is so bad that we can do ______ about it

4. Jim’s stories make us _____.

5. If they had realised how tiring it would be, they ______ other sightseeing arrangements.

6. “____________ parents did you meet last night?” – “Believe it or not, my girlfriend’s.”

7. I still live with my parents. If I ___________ alone I __________ happier.

8. This exhibition is __________ worth _____________.

9. Belinda promised she __________ me but she didn’t.

10. They warned us it _____ be hot in Jordan.

11. My exam results were __________

12. They succeeded to reach _________ highest peak of _______ Himalayas.

13. My friend _________ to see me in May. He___________ a plane ticket.

14. Ann is married but she _____ a ring.

15. You didn’t tell me that dogs were allowed in the hotel. If I had known it, I _____ my dog.

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